Student Impact — Give students an edge in the job market and a jump start for their careers.

Francis Beecher

"Thanks to financial support, I have been able to discover, and pursue, my love of plant breeding. The heat tolerant wheat lines which I am helping to develop will be invaluable to farmers around the world."—Francis Beecher ’09, Borlaug-Monsanto Crop Improvement Assistantship

College of Agriculture and Life Science graduates pursue diverse careers that surpass the bounds of traditional agriculture. Providing students with the best education possible and maximizing hands-on learning experiences in the classroom gives them an edge in the job market and a jump start for their careers.

Donors can make an impact on the lives of students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences with gifts of scholarships and graduate fellowships to the Texas A&M Foundation. These awards free students from the necessity of part-time jobs, giving them more time to satisfy their intellectual curiosity or to participate in A&M’s character-building organizations.

Endowed Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships Ensure Your Legacy
Endowed scholarships and graduate fellowships are crucial to the future of A&M because they provide benefits to students for generations. The Texas A&M Foundation invests endowed scholarship and fellowship funds in a way that maximizes growth while safeguarding the principal. Then it distributes only the earnings on your investment.

Annual Gifts Support Students Now
Most donors choose to create an endowed gift that will last in perpetuity, but you may also choose to fund an annual scholarship by making a one-time gift. You can direct your scholarship to a particular major, field of study or geographic region.

Learn more about scholarship and graduate fellowship giving opportunities through the Texas A&M Foundation.

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